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I absolutely love the air assist flyshuttle.

As a production weaver, the wear and tear on my body from weaving every day was getting fairly extreme. I had developed carpal tunnel, was in near constant pain. My doctor and I had been discussing surgery. Since adding this feature to my loom all signs of it have gone away. I can now happily weave for hours on end completly pain free. The installation was a little scary at first, but on end it was actually pretty easy and straight forward. I highly recomend this feature to anyone considering it.

Rebecca Robbins on Air Assist Flyshuttle


I already had the book, but was having trouble getting the concepts in my head. This class made it all "click". It was also helpful to see what the other students were doing. It was great to see so many color combinations without having to put them all into WeavePoint myself.

Tina Hilton on WeavePoint for Echo and Iris Workshop


I had owned an AVL Studio Loom (compu-dobby v2) for at least 15 years when I took this course. I learned really important details about how the loom works, and about routine maintenance, that simply are not in the manual. I can now recognize potential problems and make the small adjustments needed to fix them! It was also a nice opportunity to try out a variety of AVLs and a good quick introduction to WeavePoint (which I switched to after this course).

Carolyn Jones on Maximizing Your AVL


I'm having so much fun with WeavePoint!  I really enjoyed your class yesterday; it was very dense 3 hours.  I'm glad I'm taking the class online, more time to absorb all information you gave/give us.

Mayumi K. for WeavePoint for Layers Online Workshop

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