Little Weaver 2 -- Awakening Your Weaving Dreams

The long awaited relaunch of our fan-favorite table loom is here!

Little Weaver boosts a weavers efficiency like no other table loom. This is the only loom available today that used the beating movement to open & close the shed, and trigger the computerized pick selection. True 2-handed weaving maximizes productivity and minimizes the stop and go of the more common flip lever looms.

2nd generation Little Weaver is much improved with a long list of upgrades, including:

  • Broader capacity for yarn size, density and patterning - With its K-Series derived countermarch dobby, this dynamo can handle a wider array of projects from your standard dense twills and tabbys to unbalanced weaves.
  • Compu-Dobby® 5 electronics - This latest and by far greatest Compu-Dobby system runs on nearly any operating system, is super easy to use, can store a huge amount of weaving files, and provides the most advanced computerized dobby diagnostics available today.
  • Bigger shed - The increased size is easier to fit end feed shuttles.
  • Adjustable warp tension - Opens up the project capabilities even more.
  • Better, lighter beater action - Beater feel is much improved with a center linkage and hands-free stoping positions at both shed open and shed closed.
With the initial batch already sold out, next deliveries will start in in early January. Come see it in our ANWG booths 19-20 and pre-order your Little Weaver 2 today!


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