Demo a Loom

At AVL Looms we know hands-on experience is an important part of any loom purchase. However, we know it's difficult sometimes to find a loom to demo. To help with this problem, we now offer video demos via live video chat on any of our AVL Looms. Also, we may be able to arrange in-person demos with an AVL loom owner in your area. Of course, you're welcome to visit our manufacturing facilities in Chico, CA. Just contact us to schedule your demo today!

What type of demo works for you?

1. Video Demo with AVL Staff Member 
Have Skype or a Smartphone? Great! Then you have everything you need to receive a live walk-through of any AVL Loom we have in our studio. This is the fastest and easiest way to have all of your questions answered in real-time while getting a first-hand look at each detail of the loom or equipment of interest. Our friendly and knowledgeable AVL guide will show you what it's like to operate and manage the loom all while providing in-depth discussion and answers to your questions. Contact us today to schedule a video demo!

2. In-Person Demo with AVL Owner
Having been in business since 1977, and having sold looms to nearly 90 countries worldwide, there's a good chance we can find an AVL owner near you! For years we've arranged demonstrations of AVL looms with our current customers and owners. This is a great way to test an AVL Loom in person and also to get candid feedback from an AVL owner. Just contact us and we'll try to find someone in your area and get you in touch with them via email or phone. 

3. Visit AVL Looms in Chico, CA
Come visit our manufacturing facilities in beautiful Chico, Ca! No only will we have several looms available to demo, but we can also give you a complete guided tour of our entire "loom factory". We're happy to host visits upon appointment and can spend time with you 1-1 to go over any loom(s) of your choice! By far the best experience prior to purchasing a loom. Contact us today to schedule a visit!