AVL Drive 1.0: Free Loom Control Software for Compu-Dobby® IV and 4.5

AVL Drive 1.0: Free Loom Control Software for Compu-Dobby® IV and 4.5

AVLDrive 1.0 is loom control software to drive your AVL Compu-Dobby loom. It's compatible with Compu-Dobby IV, 4.5 and Little Weaver 1.0, and Mac or Windows operating systems. As loom control software, it runs WIF (Weaving Interface Format) files via a clear and intuitive dashboard to drive your loom. 


  • AVL Drive is not design software. To design weaving patterns, we recommend WeavePoint.
  • AVLDrive v1.0 is not compatible with Compu-Dobbys I, II, III, or III+. These earlier Compu-Dobbys all require third party software, such as WeavePoint.
  • AVLDrive v1.0 is not compatible with Compu-Dobby 5 or Little Weaver 2. Compu-Dobby 5 & Little Weaver 2 run an internal version of AVLDrive within its firmware. The firmware requires no external software installation by the customer.


AVLAdmin, AVLUpdate and AVLUtilities are separate programs used for firmware updating over the internet and setting up WiFi. These are compatible with Compu-Dobby 4.5 and Little Weaver 1.0, but not with Compu-Dobby IV as it does not have WiFi nor the ability to do online updating.

  1. AVLDrive
  2. AVLAdmin - not used with Compu-Dobby IV
  3. AVLUpdate - not used with Compu-Dobby IV


  1. AVLDrive
  2. AVLUtilities - not used with Compu-Dobby IV
  • Extremely intuitive interface
  • AVLDrive finds your loom
  • Descriptive display showing both the coming pattern and the woven history
  • Editable tabby
  • Editable range 
  • Reverse, Previous, Go To and incremental skipping in forward and reverse
  • Resettable counter
  • It is free (and who doesn't like free?)

Terms & Conditions

AVL Software EULA (End User License Agreement)

AVLDrive, AVLUpdate and AVLAdmin (AVLUtilities)

Version 1.0


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