WeavePoint version 9 - Now Available!

WeavePoint has released version 9 of it software. New features include:
  • Manual loom control - Now WeavePoint will assist weaving with table looms, floor looms with treadles, countermarch looms and even drawlooms. Follow weaving for each pick on-screen. Press a key, click the mouse or tap the screen to advance to the next pick.
  • Warp Color Order and Weft Color Order can now display up to 16 yarns without scrolling.
  • New selection options - You can now move a selected area in liftplan, tie-up and Design mode, by using Ctrl-Click and drag and Alt-Click and drag.
    • Copy and move: Alt-Click and drag
    • Move transparently: Ctrl-Shift-Click and drag
    • Copy and move transparently: Alt-Shift-Click and drag
    • Paste transparently: Ctrl-Shift-V
  • There are now separate options for Numbers in Threading and Numbers in Treadling/Tie-up/Liftplan in the Options dialogue (screen only).
  • New option to position shaft 1 in the liftplan on the left or right side, independent of the threading.
  • When selecting Palette from file, now also symbols and other yarn properties are included in the File/New dialogue.
  • The name of the file that was previously saved, is now displayed for Resume in the Weave menu.

Pricing is unchanged and new or upgrade licenses can be purchased on the AVL website. Version 9 is a major upgrade and requires an upgrade purchase if the weaver is currently licensed for version 8.

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