1/2 Yard Sectional Beam on AVL Loom
Sectional Beam on Workshop Loom

Sectional Warp Beam

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The AVL sectional beam compliments any and all AVL Looms. The sectional beam comes in 2 main sizes (1/2 -Yard and 1-Yard) and also a smaller beam we make special for the Workshop Dobby Loom. Sectional warping is a great way to warp wide warps at high yardage (100+ yard warps).  


  • Removable hoops to create 1" sections or larger. 
  • Can be used as a plain beam when hoops are removed. 
  • Ash hardwood construction
  • Steel axle for added rigidity and durability. 
  • Removable handle. 
  • 2-Year AVL Warranty. 


  • Beam
  • Enough hoops for 2" spacing (additional hoops can be purchased for 1" spacing).
  • Beam handle
Depending upon the package, it may also include a tension system, separation roller/beam and 2nd beam system.
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