AVL Looms flyshuttle
AVL Looms flyshuttle

Flyshuttle Conversion System

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Looking to increase your weaving speed? The AVL flyshuttle system offers several options to suit your weaving needs. Choose between a single, double, or four box system for either a bottom swing or overhead beater. 


  • Includes all parts necessary to convert your current beater to the specified flyshuttle system. Please note that additional parts may be necessary to complete the installation. An AVL representative will contact you for more information once your order is received.
  • Compatibility:
    • Home Loom: single box, bottom swing only.
    • Folding Dobby Loom: single or double box, manual or air-assist, bottom swing only. 
    • A-Series: all systems
    • PDL/TDL: all systems

Dimensions: Each flyshuttle box is approximately 18" -- so will add a total of 36" to the overall width of your loom. 

Pro-tip: We recommend an overhead beater with a four box system due to the weight of the larger boxes. Overhead beaters are easier to swing, but to require added skill to operate.