16-40" Fan Reeds
16-40" Fan Reeds

16-40" Fan Reeds

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Ondule textiles are created by weaving with curving warp threads. To create curving warp threads, the weaver uses a fan reed suspended by cords with knots spaced for changing to specific reed heights relative to the fell line height. 

Order Details

  • Available densities include:
    • 10 DPI @ 2" center, 20 DPI @ widest 3" and 6.7 DPI @ narrowest 1"
    • 12 DPI @ 2" center, 24 DPI @ widest 3" and 8 DPI @ narrowest 1"
    • 15 DPI @ 2" center, 30 DPI @ widest 3" and 10 DPI @ narrowest 1"
    • 18 DPI @ 2" center, 36 DPI @ widest 3" and 12 DPI @ narrowest 1"
  • Reed height: 5.5" (14 cm)
  • Minimum length of 16" (40 cm) (common length for flip lever and other small looms).  Longer lengths possible in increments of 2" (5 cm). 
  • High quality Creative-brand fan stainless steel & epoxy construction
  • Fan + Standard reed configurations are available. Contact AVL to discuss.
  • 2-Year AVL Warranty - our reeds are guaranteed for a full 2 years against defects and workmanship. Please review our full warranty statement for more details.
  • Made to order with a 6 week lead time.


Ondule textiles are gaining in interest throughout the world. Several newer resources are available to learn more, including:

 Ideas on reed use

To our knowledge, no current hand loom designs incorporate a mechanism for using the fan reed. Thus, use of a fan reed requires some DIY effort from the weaver. For looms with an overhead hanging structure, the reed can be suspended by cords through the corner holes. Texsolv peg cord with pegs for attaching at the desired heights. For looms with a low castlea reed height spacers or cams for the beater would be suitable.