Aprons, Cloth Storage

Aprons, Cloth Storage

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AVL c;loth storage aprons are constructed of high quality duck canvas with fully serged edges and reinforced stitching on the apron rod loops. The apron will be supplied with a strip of velcro loop sewn in, or otherwise serged if your loom predates our use of velcro on beams.

Contact us if you would like to buy a strip of adhesive backed velcro hook to apply to your cloth storage beam.

Important notes:

  1. Some looms use the same apron for both cloth storage and warp beam. For those looms (Home Loom, Industrial Dobby Loom, K-Series, Professional Dobby Rug Loom, Studio Dobby Loom and V-Series), the aprons are found under the Warp Beam Apron item. 
  2. Actual apron widths may be narrower than your loom's weaving width. This is OK and will not affect the fabric. Please select the apron width according to your loom's maximum weaving width. 


  • Hand-made in Chico, California.
  • Heavy duty canvas, sewn to AVL specification to match your loom. 
  • Reinforced loops to pass apron rod through. 
  • Velcro strip to attach to your beam where loom-appropriate.
  • We try to carry inventory of our more popular aprons. Please allow 6-8 weeks of lead time for production when your apron choice is not in stock.