Online WeavePoint Workshops

Online WeavePoint Classes from AVL with Jannie Taylor

In order to reach more weavers, we are taking our WeavePoint Structure & Design classes to you via Zoom.  These in-depth classes help weavers improve their WeavePoint “fluency” while reinforcing their understanding of various weave types through, on-screen demonstrations, guided practice and clear, step-by-step written instructions.  Each of the Structure & Design courses uses a particular weave type to tie the various WeavePoint tools to real-world weaving design issues. In addition, we are now offering a one-session, Basic WeavePoint tutorial prior to each of the Structure & Design classes to help beginners develop their basic WeavePoint skills.

This series of classes is intended for the weaver who wants to learn more about weave structure while becoming proficient WeavePoint users. The skills learned will be just as useful to weavers working on 4 to 8 shaft loom as for those designing for multi-shaft and dobby looms.  

All classes meet for three sessions during the scheduled week; Monday, Wednesday & Saturday, from 9:30 AM to 12:00 Noon, Pacific Time. Between sessions, participants will have time to practice what was covered with the opportunity of individual help from Jannie via email or teleconference if desired.  Session recordings will be available for viewing for the following 30 days. Class size will be limited to ten or fewer students to allow time for each weaver to get the individual attention they need.  All sessions will be in English.
These classes are not based on pre-recorded videos. They are live, interactive meetings where students can view on-screen demonstrations, ask questions and interact in real-time with the instructor. As in all of the AVL classes, the emphasis will be on collaborative learning and hands-on experience in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. 


  • Workshop participants must own a recent version of WeavePoint, either version 7 or 8.
  • WeavePoint is a Windows program. Workshop participants must have a computer that can run a Windows program, preferably Windows 7 or newer. While it is possible to use WeavePoint on a Mac using special software designed for this purpose, this class will not cover this as a topic.
  • Using two screens greatly improves your learning experience. One screen will be used for viewing the instructor and the other for running WeavePoint. Because you can connect to the Zoom session on multiple devices, there are several easy options including desktop computer, laptop, tablet or simply a second monitor.
  • Using a mouse rather than the touch pad or a touch screen recommended as well.