About Us

 AVL Looms has been in the business of designing and building some of the world’s finest handweaving looms since 1977.

Jim Ahrens had been building and designing looms for a number of years before Jon Violette, the “V” in AVL, approached Ahrens about a partnership in 1977. Violette, an industrial management professional, had discovered Ahrens’ work through his sister who ran the Pacific Basin School of Textiles in Berkeley, where Ahrens was a volunteer advisor.


The two men worked together in the Bay Area for three years until Violette moved Ahrens and Violette Looms to Chico, where it officially became known as AVL Looms Inc., and has operated ever since.

Jim Ahrens with AVL Crew

In 1982, Violette was instrumental in the development of the first computerized dobby, then called the “Apple Dobby”. He retired from active life in the company in 1987.

Once known for our production looms, AVL has broadened its line considerably and we now offer customers a full spectrum of fine weaving equipment, ranging from our small Home Looms, to our Industrial Dobby Looms, Rug Looms, and Jacquards.