AVL Looms Track & Mount System on A-Series loom

Track & Mount System

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The AVL Track and Mount is a cleverly designed mechanism that allows the tension box or selvage rollers to be slide along the width of the loom to any position required. The end result is faster and easier warping via your cone or spool rack and tension box. The track and mount is designed for quick and easy removal and is compatible with AVLs line of beam winders.


  • Compatible with AVL Tension Box and AVL Selvage Rollers
  • Includes mounting studs for quick-release.
  • Same price for all size looms, except Rug & Industrial Dobby Looms. 
  • Durable hardwood.
  • 2-year AVL warranty.

Compatible with:

  • A-Series 
  • K-Series
  • Home Loom
  • Workshop Dobby Loom
  • Rug Loom
  • Industrial Dobby Loom
  • Folding Loom
  • Full frame loom models

Made in Chico, California.