Metal heddles for AVL Loom
Texolv heddles on AVL Loom

Heddles: Metal & Polyester (Texsolv) - (100/pack)

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Like most looms, AVL Looms have two standard heddle types: metal or polyester (texolv).

Each pack includes 100 heddles.

Metal Heddles

  • Metal heddles are the most durable and easiest to thread of all heddles. Our heddles are high quality, inserted-eye type. Construction involves twisting the wire, and then soldering in the eye. This type of metal heddle provides strength, and more importantly a smooth, gentle eye for the warp yarn. When compared to stamped metal heddles, inserted-eye are less abrasive and better for the warp yarn.

Polyester Heddles

  • Commonly referred to as Texolv heddles, these are durable, dye-able, and quiet. Polyester heddles are also the lightest option when used on a rising shed or jack type loom.