AVL E-Lift
AVL E-Lift
AVL E-Lift
AVL E-Lift

E-Lift Conversion System (electronic lift for dobby loom)

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The AVL E-Lift is our electronic-powered lift assist system. The E-Lift system replaces the treadles with a foot pedal operated shed lifting system. It removes all physical requirements associated with treadling and is very easy to operate. It's a great option for wide looms, 24+ shaft looms, and anyone looking to increase the longevity of their weaving. 


  • Easy to operate foot-pedal shed control.
  • Quiet, and plugs into any standard outlet
  • Compatible with: A-Series, Studio Dobby Loom (SDL), Production Dobby Loom (PDL), Technical Dobby Loom (TDL), Folding Dobby Loom (FDL).


  • All parts to convert from trealdes to E-Lift.
  • Installation Manual.
  • 1-Year AVL Warranty.

Made in Chico, California.