Announcing E-Lift 3: Significant Improvements to the Popular Lift Assist System


New E-LiftTM Version 3

Jan 4, 2023

 Announcing a major improvement to AVL's E-Lift, electric lift system for dobby looms. The new version 3 E-Lift eliminates confusing home setting and shut down procedures, making it the easiest lift system yet.

 New features include:

  • E-Lift homing by foot pedal eliminates crawling on the floor.
  • True closed loop technology clears the way for faster weaving.
  • Vibration pads provide quieter operation.
  • Dual cam-cylinders eliminate cable turnbuckle adjustments.
  • Now you can choose between the standard foot or beater mounted hand switch at no extra charge.
  • Easily accessible programming port improves support capabilities.
  • Eliminating the return spring lever cuts lubrication needs for reduced maintenance requirements.
  • New confirguration for 215-240VAC customers lowers the product price. 

AVL's E-Lift technology is the most popular way to reduce leg fatigue when weaving. This mature technology was first introduced in the early 2000s and has been a huge help in extending the weaving life for many, including the aging and those with mobility issues.

The significant improvements in this latest design realize our long term goals of making installation, startup and shutdown processes all much easier for the weaver. The new system will be faster for many loom types, less expensive for international customers, and we can now even support configuration fixes in the field. 


  • Hi Sue, You can find pricing on the E-Lift product page ( The E-Lift 3 is designed to be user installed using the user instructions. And, E-Lift 3 is much easier and faster to install the previous generations. Or if you prefer, AVL can send you a qualified technician from Chico.

    Bob Kruger
  • So where do I find the price and more info in local installers?

    Sue Peters

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