48" Production Dobby Loom, 16 Harness, Mechanical Dobby (R#0524A)

48" Production Dobby Loom, 16 Harness, Mechanical Dobby (R#0524A)

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48” Production Dobby Loom, 16 Harness, Mechanical Dobby (R#0524A)

  • Made in 1989
  • 16 harnesses with ~1,600 polyester heddles
  • Mechanical dobby with 40 dobby bars, 400 dobby pegs and peg wrench
  • Bottom swing beater with reed
  • 1-box flyshuttle system with flyshuttle and 3 pirns
  • 1-yard sectional warp beam with pegs at 2 inch spacing
  • Plain warp beam with aprons, rods and lease/warp sticks
  • Built-in bench
  • Cloth storage system with sliding weight
  • 1-Year AVL Warranty covers all parts.

This loom is in good condition and fully functional. The hard rock maple is quite striking with fiddleback other beautiful natural markings. Production Dobby Looms are renowned as workhorses and fast weavers. This loom would make an excellent first loom for a newly graduated designer or production handweaver!

**Please note, the attached photos may not exactly match the description. The description above takes precedent should any conflicts exist.**

Every reconditioned AVL loom undergoes a thorough inspection, cleaning and testing. We replace any component that does not meet specification.  We strive to provide you with a pre-owned loom of which you can be proud.

Reconditioned looms typically ship within 12 weeks of ordering. However, please check with your AVL representative for current lead times.  This loom ships freight collect.  The carrier will schedule drop off and communicate price around the drop off day.  For alternate approach of pre-payment for shipping, contact your AVL sales representative.

Price if new: $12,750

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