AVL Compu-Dobby computerized dobby for weaving
Compu-Dobby® Upgrade
Compu-Dobby® Upgrade

Compu-Dobby® Upgrade

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The Compu-Dobby® system is a compact, custom-designed electronic interface between your personal computer and AVL dobby loom. Dobbies are a fantastic way to simplify the weaving process. No more keeping track of complex treadling routines and difficult tie-ups. The Compu-Dobby improves on the mechanical dobby by allowing much more rapid design changes and virtually unlimited pattern repeats.

Compu-Dobby upgrades are designed to fit the AVL dobby head designs, including the positive or classic style dobby and the negative style dobby. 

Positive Dobby Equipped Looms

  • Mechanical dobby equipped looms
  • A-Series
  • Folding Dobby Loom (FDL)
  • Production Dobby Loom (PDL)
  • Studio Dobby Loom (SDL)
  • Technical Dobby Loom (TDL)
  • Industrial Dobby Loom (IDL)   *Special IDL configuration required.*
  • Rug Loom, Professional Dobby (RL)  *Special Air-Compu-Dobby configuration required.*

Negative Dobby Equipped Looms

  • A-Series
  • V-Series
  • Workshop Dobby Loom (WDL)   *Special WDL configuration required.*

When making a purchase please choose what voltage where you will plug this unit into. For example, the standard voltage for households in the United States is 110-120 VAC.

What's new?


Compu-Dobby 5

Launched first in 2018 with the K-Series loom, the Compu-Dobby 5 advances the state of the art with new features, capabilities and reliability. Compu-Dobby 5 is considerably ahead of the competition with features like:

  • Large on board memory storage for WIF pattern files
  • Compatibility with all operating systems, just requires a modern web browser
  • WiFi through LAN or direct, or USB connections
  • AVLDrive built-in driver requires no software or drivers to be installed!
  • Faster, highly reliable pick selection
  • Advanced diagnostics detects solenoid and power line failures
  • Internet-based updates
Compu-Dobby 5 upgrades are now available for nearly every dobby and loom AVL has produced.
    What type of dobby do I have?


    Positive Dobby

    • Mechanical dobby
    • Compu-Dobby I is one solenoid box with a small handheld control unit with six buttons on it. This unit has a 25 pin serial port.
    • Compu-Dobby II has two fairly equal sized boxes, one of which has a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) unit. This unit has a 9-pin serial port.
    • Compu-Dobby IV looks like a Compu-Dobby I, but without the small small handheld control unit. This unit has 9-pin serial, USB and Ethernet ports.
    • Compu-Dobby 4.5 looks like a Compu-Dobby I, but without the small small handheld control unit. This unit has a USB port and a WiFi button antenna.

    Negative Dobby

    • Compu-Dobby III is one big box, no secondary boxes. 
    • Compu-Dobby IV is also one big box and looks like a Compu-Dobby III, but with the addition of Ethernet & USB ports. Also, the Compu-Dobby IV often has side windows. 
    • Compu-Dobby 4.5 also looks like Compu-Dobby IV, but has a WiFi antenna in place of the Ethernet port. The 9-pin serial port is absent on the 4.5. The Compu-Dobby 4.5 has side windows.

    Still unsure? Contact AVL with your serial number and we will be happy to look it up for you.

    Manuals & Software 



    Compu-Dobby 5 manuals, release notes and other technical bulletins can be found here.

    Older Compu-Dobby Manuals can be found here.



    WeavePoint version 8 and newer: WeavePoint offers direct launching of the Compu-Dobby 5 internal driver (AVLDrive ver.5).