Spring Break - Temporary Office Hiatus

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During March 17-26, 2021, AVL's office personnel will be on a much needed break. We will return to work on March 29th well rested, energetic and excited to help. While away, email is the best way to contact us. We will monitor email for urgent needs and dispatch help where we can. Thank you so very much for being our customers and for your understanding.




  • I ordered a warp advance system from you on Jan. 13th and am still waiting. I have 2 commissions waiting to be woven and I am told that you are going on vacation! What have you been doing thus far? I have been patient for 3 months . Please give me some indication as to when I might expect my order to be filled.

    Mildred Dover
  • We are back from our brief break. After the intensity of the past year, the time away was really important for resting and recharging. Thanks for your patience during this much needed break. Now back to work building awesome looms!

    Bob Kruger

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